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Verfasst: 26.04.2016, 16:02
von Philippe Bontemps
My project do not function ; is it possible that it's the adaptator which is not goodly installed ?

I join the files of install for this hardware and 2 print screen

I have copied the dll (uDMX_PcDimm.dll) in pc_dimmer\plugins\

Can you help me for a good use of PC_DIMMER ?

friendly Yours


Re: USB-uDMW512

Verfasst: 28.04.2016, 23:48
von Philippe Bontemps
Hello all is OK !
The problem was on the settings to "Disable driver signature enforcement" for windows10

At this url you'll find all you need to install the driver :

and at this URL : ... you will find the drivers for this adaptator USB DMX 512 that I buy at aliexpress for only 15 € !!!

I hope that this post will be a great help for the users of PC_DIMMER , a great software for light control !