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Dimmer 6ch

Verfasst: 15.05.2011, 17:47
von bellazio73
Hello, i have a dimmerpack 6 create a DDF if the program accept only one type of channe ?

Thank Fabrizio

PS: if i use into the program 6 single channel dimmer i have 6 dmx address !!!!
my dimmerpack is a proel...

Excuse me for my english but i live in Italy.......your program is very beautiful and i check many similar program and PC_DIMMER is more complete and easy to use...!!!!

Re: Dimmer 6ch

Verfasst: 15.05.2011, 18:55
von Ingo
Hello Fabrizio!

You have to use 6 single dimmer devices. At your dimmerpack you only set the address of the first channel. The first device in PC_DIMMER gets the address of your dimmerpack, the second one the address + 1, etc. That is why it's called start address.

Hope I could help you.


Re: Dimmer 6ch

Verfasst: 16.05.2011, 07:36
von admin
Hi Fabrizio,

Ingo has already written the important information. Don't think to much in addresses, but in lamps. The PC_DIMMER tries to abstract the DMX-channels to real lamps.

The PC_DIMMER could sum all 6 channels of your dimmerpack under a single user-interface, but most of the time you will connect 6 independant lamps to your dimmerpack. So you do not want to control the dimmerpack itself, but the lamps connected to it. That's the reason why PC_DIMMER only allows one single DIMMER-Channel at the same time.


Re: Dimmer 6ch

Verfasst: 23.07.2011, 11:16
von hvl99

One dimmer channel at one time / device is ok.
but how could i fix the problem i have, when I use a LED BAR with 4 segments in any colour.

pcdimmer is only working on the first segment (in sequence mode)

(wir können auch deutsch schreiben - ab dann ist es vielleicht unhöflich dem Anfragenden gegenüber)

Re: Dimmer 6ch

Verfasst: 23.07.2011, 19:40
von admin

for these Multi-Segment-LED-devices you have to define one master device that contains the three R,G,B-channels and maybe the dimmer- or strobe-channel and several "slave"-devices that only contain the R,G,B-channels of the additional segments. So you can adjust all segments seperatly. I do not see a better way to do this. Otherwise I have to implement multiple instances of the RGB-Selector within the DDF-windows and the several controls in PC_DIMMER. I think the way I suggest is the most generic way. But maybe you have another solution?

Chris :wink3:

Re: Dimmer 6ch

Verfasst: 23.07.2011, 19:54
von Memphis

eventuell könnte ein DDF für diese Geräte wie folgt aussehen:

Ein Colorpicker Control und daneben eine Reihe von Checkboxen mit welchen der User dem DDF sagt von welchen Segmenten er die Farbe ändern möchte.




maybe the DDF for these devices could look like as follows:

One color picker control, together with a group of checkboxes which specify the segment(s) where the colorchange should take effect.


Re: Dimmer 6ch

Verfasst: 25.07.2011, 09:56
von hvl99

I tried successfully the way Chris descibed in his mail. Sequences are working now.

But I wonder why the "simple scene" behaves in an other way than devices do in sequence mode.

For example:

I would like to switch Ch 1+3 of one 8-Ch-Switch-Device.

When I add a "simple scence" (Ch1+3 >128) to the Sequencer everything is fine. When I adresse directly the device in the effekt-sequencer only the first channel is switching on.

Could you explain, please!



Der Workaround so wie Chris ihn beschrieben hat funktioniert.

Ich erkenne jedoch unterschiedliche Verhaltensweisen.

Ich habe ein Switchpack mit 8-Kanälen, von denen ich zugleich Ch 1+3 einschalten möchte.
Das klappt wenn ich diesen Befehlt per "einfache Szene" in den Effekt-Sequenzer einfüge.

Wenn ich die entsprechenden Werte direkt in den Effekt-Sequenzer beim Switchpack eingebe reagiert nur der erste Kanal des Switchpacks.

Wo ist mein Gedankenfehler?