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Help! Dimmer isn't working...

Verfasst: 12.12.2014, 18:19
von TheLeon
Hello. (Sorry for English mistakes. I don't know Germany language)

I have built the Dmx512-DimmerPack. Attiny2313v-10PU was flashed which is placed in Pc Dimmer DMX Firmware v4.6 folder that PC_DIMMER_DMX_Dimmerpack 8MHz Direkt-Tuner.hex file. The LEDs are working (I haven't flash the Fuse yets. Because, I flashed the fuses another Attiny2313v-20PU (Fuses LO 0xED Fuses HI 0x9F), but chip has been blocked. The chip isn't working. The LEDs not flashing). Green LED turns on. Yellow Led is off. I put LEDs each channels (8 LEDs) to check channels working. Sometimes the 8 LEDs are blinking fast. OpenDMX isn't controlling the dimmer.

This is link of video: ... 1.mp4?dl=0

Does I have to flash the fuses? How can I solve this issue?