Modify an analog Dimmer into a DMX-dimmer

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Modify an analog Dimmer into a DMX-dimmer

Beitrag von geertje » 24.02.2011, 15:02

Hi Guys,
Here's a little example on how to adapt an old analog dimmer into a DMX-capable dimmer.
The schematic shows the changes:
adaptation of analog dimmer to DMX-capable
analog-DMX.jpg (129.18 KiB) 2387 mal betrachtet
I've build Christian's schematic for the DMX-part.
The nice thing about it is, I can use the analog faders as pre-heat settings, since both analog and DMX work in parallel on the output channels.
The end-result, with build-in PCB in a small corner of the dimmer:
build-off example
AnalogDmx1.jpg (694.76 KiB) 2387 mal betrachtet
I've change Christian's firmware a littlebit, so that also my opto-triac can be controlled, since mine is switched to GND, instead of to VCC. The change is in Dimmerpacks firmware 4.4, if you use the compiler-directive 'invertphase'?

Good luck if anybody wants to build one too.