pcdimmer triggering external program via http commands

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pcdimmer triggering external program via http commands

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Hi all,

So far pcdimmer still amazes me with all the features it has after all the years i am using it. So thank you again Chris for this program.

Now for the challenge I have :)
some background,
For our carnaval parade wagon pcdimmer was and still is the first choice for many years. However for the second year we are making use now of pixel leds. We managed to do some stuff via chinese controlles where scenes can be choosen via dmx. But the chinese sw is very limited (lededit and so on) Best choice is to use Xlights program (well personally i think so anyway). This is a free program and really does a good job on pixel led mapping and creating sequences.
But what i'm missing is a sort of remote control for this program that i can use within pcdimmer. Many things will still be in pcdimmer, but I want to start pixel led sequences from pcdimmer.

What I have found out is that Xlights has a web interface (Xscheduler sub program) So I can click buttons on a webpage or send http commands directly. The last function is key I think.
But how can i realize this in pcdimmer?
I have used Terminalschnittstelle in the past. But that basically works the same as what I just described about Xscheduler. I need it to be the other way around. What i mean is with Terminalschnittstelle you can send commands towards pcdimmer, but what i need is that pcdimmer sends commands towards Xscheduler.
Is such thing possible?

What I have tested a few minutes ago is sending commands via "commands" That does the trick, but it opens a web browser window. That is not really wanted because if i make http links to commands like next, previous, start, stop etc. It each time opens a browser or browser tab window and leaves it open. (Attached a screenshot to show what i have created)
pcdimmer command.PNG
pcdimmer command.PNG (53.83 KiB) 17058 mal betrachtet
Perhaps anyone knows how to overcome this? Or perhaps can I send a http request via cmd? (so i can create .bat files with all the commands)

On another note. Are there users that also using more and more pixel led's and how do you control these in combination with all other dmx equipment?

kind regards,