More focus on english language.

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More focus on english language.

Beitrag von Jonnvoll » 09.12.2011, 20:48

I really like this software. I think its one of the best free software out there. The main drawback for me is the lack of information in english. The program itself isn't entirely translated. This is extremely frustrating when I get a german error message. There's not so much info on using the program in english. And the forum seems to be entirely made up of germans (users outside of Germany, please prove me wrong). I think that in the future there should be more focus on getting the program entirely translated and making more information about it in english. It would also be nice if there was an english forum section for us international users. Just my two cents.

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Re: More focus on english language.

Beitrag von admin » 09.12.2011, 23:59

Hello Johnvoll,

thank you very much for your message - and you are absolutely right. There was an english section in this forum before, but only two or three people used this. So I removed this dead part of the forum some years ago. I'm not shure, if it makes sense to restart a separated english forum. Maybe it is better to have a mixed one (like you did), because most of the german people are able to read and write english, too.

The software-language is another thing: I'm using a special open-source toolset to translate the software into english (called "GNU GetText"). But some messages are hardcoded by the compiler (e.g. "Yes"<->"Ja" "No"<->"Nein" at the standard-buttons), so I cannot change them with my software-environment. I will add this to the bugtracker-list, maybe I can find a solution for this problem.

In the past most of the english-speaking people used the software "Freestyler DMX" (as I heared), so I had no intention to set my focus on the translation (but it was a lot of work to translate thousands of words of the current software version - beleive me :rolleyes: ). Maybe I have to "reset" my focus now :lol:

What do you mean with "...and making more information about it in english..."? Do you mean the website or something else? At the moment im using the Google-Translation-Tool for the website. Sure, this is not a good way (and sometimes the sentences will not make sense) but it saves a lot of time :sofa:

see you,
Chris :wink3:

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Re: More focus on english language.

Beitrag von Ingo » 10.12.2011, 19:08

Hey Chris,

I could update the translation table for the new versions if you want. Just send me the .po-files.



Re: More focus on english language.

Beitrag von Jonnvoll » 10.12.2011, 21:10

With "making more information about it in english" i mean the website and wiki (but this information could probably be found on the forum if there were more people writing in english). Because auto-translation can get really odd sometimes. As for the forum. A mixed one where everyone writes in english would of course be better than to separate the forum. That being said, I won't force people to write in english. I also have to add that I like your software better than Freestyler DMX.